Sunday, February 22, 2009

beef and your planet.

well, i don't like this. i'm definately an advocate of eco-friendliness and humane treatment of animals, but gotta eat, right? especially those of us who have found animal proteins to be absolutely necessary in our diets...

"...swap half of that protein now supplied by meat with soy by 2050, and “you could expect [projected] emissions to decrease on the order of 70 percent,” he said. Take the next big step — eliminating all meat in favor of soy — should drop the protein-associated carbon footprint of Western diets a whopping 96 percent."


  1. I read somewhere (probably Science News) that you can have a major impact on carbon emissions simply by eating 10% less meat than average. Not replacing it with something else, but just cutting back. And since our averages are so insanely high these days, it really comes down to eating the right sized portions. Even if your portions have to be higher for dietary reasons, I doubt you're eating those huge 12 ouncers at Outback every night. That, coupled with your quest for happy meat, and I'd say you're already doing far more than most people and don't need to worry about this whole soy replacement thing.

  2. Yeah, you're probably right. The whole thing kind of reeks of "Sponsored by the Soy Farmers of America" or something. And besides, if grass-fed beef is actually worse than factory-farmed, maybe I will ignore the whole study anyway because of my carnivore beliefs. If people are supposed to eat meat and meat makes the planet die, maybe the planet is just supposed to die eventually. Ohhh, there's a whole other can-o-worms...