Monday, February 2, 2009

meat grinders and custom sausages

i am so inspired by the gentlemen at wurstkuche (, a new belgium beer and sausage restaurant in the downtown la arts district. although they don't make their own sausages, they have offer a really great variety, including veal/rabbit/white wine and alligator/hickory-smoked pork and lots of tasty brews and sodas. pretty neat to see young locals experimenting with meats.

makes me want to invest in one of these:

(image source
super classy kitchenaid meat grinder attachment! i love my kitchenaid and use it often, but don't think i've ever consumed something i've made in it. i wonder if you can attach a pork casing to the end for sausage making? hm, what would i make first? maybe something with lamb... how about a custom sausage station for a restaurant idea? put your meats, seasonings, and veggies or cheeses in a dish, bring it to the meat grinder, and then grill them up?


  1. probably good for those friends you don't like anymore too

  2. those sausages tend to be bitter and get stuck in you teeth.

  3. Oh my goodness I want to make sausages too! I just watched Alton Brown's episode on making sausages and he made me want that very same attachment.

    By the way, I'm looking for a lady butcher to help me with my raising-my-own-meat-birds dilemma. Know anyone?