Wednesday, February 11, 2009

this week's cut:

buffalo! or american bison, if you prefer.

(image source: - possibly a school project?)
what a great little image! not only can american bison be used for tasty and healthy meats, but also for clothing and accessories? something to think about, you fashionistas out there! look for it in the 2010 collections...
i only recently discovered the wonders of buffalo meat. my parents have long been telling stories of the traveler's club international restaurant and tuba museum in okemos, michigan - and they finally were able to take my husband and i there last summer. they have a very impressive and informative menu and as well as having quite a tuba collection and artisan beer selection, are huge buffalo advocates. their menu told me that buffalo meat has many wonderful qualities:
-40% more protein than beef
-lower in fat and calories than beef-- and than chicken, pork, and salmon-- and actually lowers cholesterol
-much less likely to contain all of those pesky hormones and more likely to be free range
and my favorite, and what got me started on eating it--
-buffalo is the only red meat that is non-allergenic!
maybe next week, i will explore the strange world of the beefalo.