Wednesday, February 11, 2009

movie anticipation

i have lots of little girl excitement for the julie/julia movie coming out later this year. i recently read julia child's my life in france and then julie & julia. i am so fascinated by french cooking... such an interesting combination of simple ingredients and recipes that read like science experiments! i actually highly recommend both books. my life in france is particularly fun with the new found discovery that julia child was a spy, and julie & julia will inspire any food lover, blogger, or slightly misguided lady in her late twenties. gosh, to think that she simply started cooking and blogging and now she's being immortalized in a meryl streep movie?!
check out her blog for hours of fun.
(she has a current blog as well, above is the link to her 365 days/536 recipes one)
and maybe eventually i will be inspired to make that aspic i've been talking about.

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