Friday, February 6, 2009

discount dilemmas.

I visited a local discount grocer last night in search of cheap (but still good quality) cookie ingredients for a weekend project. My husband disappeared while I was hunting for mustard seeds (don't worry, not for the cookies!) and reappeared with a slightly horrified look on his face.
"Unhappy meat," he said.
Oh no! I'm getting to him, too! The state of the butcher/packaged meat area was nearly unbearable. I didn't think I would be so affected, but I couldn't help but think of how the animals had to have been treated to be able to sell huge styrofoam- and shrink-wrapped flat packages of steaks for 88-cents a pound, piles of greyish goopy chicken legs and mystery meat sausages... Don't get me wrong, I'm all for paying reasonable prices for food, but I hate that having a lower income results in this horrible chain reaction that leads to mistreatment of animals and extremely low quality products... but I digress.
I did find a great deal on Tillamook butter that may have been a bit closer to the expiration date than the regular grocery stores would stock-- and the alcohol section was pretty great, too!
Also, if you're ever in Oregon, you must visit the Tillamook factory. How exciting is it to see fresh cheese being made?! Come hungry, they have free samples, and excellent homemade ice cream. Mmm, sales pitch.

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  1. All about the free samples and pumpkin ice cream... That trip was so much fun