Monday, February 16, 2009

adventures in sausage making!

oh, how i love random holidays...
here's my plan for the day:

playing with my new toys!!!

so that's the surprise! the super-amazing man got me the kitchenaid meat grinder with the sausage stuffer attachment for valentine's day! he was so proud- he discovered it before i did. i was so excited to show him the sausage-making video when i found it last week, and when i pressed play, his face fell. "you spoiled my surprise!!!"

don't worry. still the coolest gift ever, the gift that will keep on giving.

i think today i will try this simple chorizo recipe, since i'm craving something spicy. mmm... i'm not usually big on recipes, but i'll give it a shot.


  1. What are you going to do for casing?

  2. friendly butchers sell natural casings for pretty cheap. i'll let you know the details later. quite fun!