Friday, January 30, 2009

the hip and healthy butchers!

while looking for a good wine pairing chart, i came across this site.
i really love what they're doing.. and in canada! those canadians, you never know what they're up to! i was pleasantly surprised and inspired to see that it is run by a young, hip-looking group of people with a really great mission-- to be an old-fashioned butcher shop providing their customers with with fresh, local, organic meats. what more could you want? butchering and cooking classes, did you say? weekly newsletters with recipes? they do that, too.

oh, the wine chart.

and also, my recommended reading for the week:

here's the blurb from the inside cover:
"For all of history, minus the last thirty years, fat has been at the center of human diets and cultures. When scientists theorized a link between saturated fat and heart disease, industry, media, and government joined forces to label fat a greasy killer, best avoided. But according to Jennifer McLagan, not only is fat phobia overwrought, it also hasn't benefited us in any way. Instead it has driven us into the arms of trans fats and refined carbohydrated, and fostered punitive, dreary attitudes toward food-- that wellspring of life and pleasure.
In Fat, McLagan sets out with equal parts passion, scholarship, and appetite to win us back to a healthy relationship with animal fats. She starts by defusing fat's bad rap, both reminding us of what we already know-- that fat is fundamental to the flavor of our food-- and enlightening us with the many ways fat (yes, even animal fat) is indespensable to our health.
Mostly, though, Fat is about pleasures, the satisfactions of handling good ingredients skillfully, learning the cultural associations of these primal foodstuffs, recollecting and creating personal memories of beloved dishes, and gratifying the palate and the soul with fat's irreplacable savor..."
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i know what i'll be using my next border's coupon on!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

memorize your cuts!

this week's cut:

(image source:

gosh, i love diagrams. maybe i can make them into flashcards!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

coming soon!

as good of a place as any to start.
please join me on my journey to become a young female butcher in los angeles!
yes, we're talking cutter of meats.
maker of sausages.
slicer of bacons!
discoverer of farms where cows roam free and grow to become the steaks i have learned to love.

pleased to accept any helpful hints along the way.