Friday, May 1, 2009

cashing in on the chaos

Last night, the man and I ventured to the giant Whole Foods in Pasadena (pretty much my favorite store...) to see if pig flu panic had caused pork prices to drop. Unfortunately, no such luck. Either we were a day late, or a week early.
I'll deal with the media hype if it will get me cheap ribs and tenderloin! I know it won't make me sick, so, why not?


  1. Greg was just saying that now would be a good time for a pig roast, because it doesn't matter how many times they point out that there's no connection, people are still going to be afraid to eat it. Maybe the average Whole Foods consumer is a little too smart for that though.

  2. Yeah, we thought Whole Foods might be too smart for that, but it was worth a shot. Scary discount stores will probably be running sales, but the pork there probably comes from pigs who had the bug, and even if it won't make us sick, that's just nasty.