Monday, May 18, 2009



Why is it worse, in the end, to see an animal's head cooked and prepared for our pleasure than a thigh or a tail or a rib? If we are going to live on other inhabitants of this world we must not bind outselves with illogical prejudices, but savor to the fullest the beasts we have killed.

People who feel that a lamb's cheek is gross and vulgar when a chop is not are like the medieval philosophers who argued about such hairsplitting problems as how many angels could dance on the poinf of a pin. If you have these prejudices, ask yourself if they are not build on what you may have been taught then you were young and unthinking, and then if you can, teach yourself to enjoy some of the parts of the animal that are not commonly prepared.

-mfk fisher, How to Carve the Wolf in How to Cook a Wolf

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