Thursday, May 7, 2009

san francisco: lady meat city!

San Francisco has quite the meat scene! In addition to being the home of Meatpaper, the exquisite magazine dedicated entirely to meat and Sweet-Meats, San Franciscans can also shop at Avedano's Meats, a lady-run butcher shop founded in 2007. Looks like every meat-lover's dream! Here's their mission statement:

We believe that exceptional meals start with exceptional raw materials—and with a combined 40 years experience in the food industry, we should know. We source premium products our customers can feel good about: grass-fed beef, wild-caught and responsibly farmed fish, seasonal local and organic produce, and handpicked gourmet pantry items. Our menu of prepared foods changes daily so that we can select from the freshest, best ingredients available each day. Our mission is to provide our customers with great food they can feel confident eating.

Love it! But what I love more is that they actually teach butchering classes for aspiring adult meat artists (or just those who want to hone their knife skills to impress their friends-- and leave with $100 worth of freshly cut meats for kitchen experimentation.) I think I've found my next step into the world of butcher-dom... Check out an article on the ladies of Avedano's here. They look pretty hardcore, don't they?



  1. Need me to take pictures or do any research in Portland, OR? :)

  2. Pictures and research are always accepted :)
    So excited to hear about London, too! Hope you ate some blood sausage for me.

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