Friday, August 21, 2009

new aspirations

Food styling. Obsessed.

Finally (well, it seems like I waited longer than the masses, considering I went on a big J. Child tangent several years ago... loved My Life in France and was later inspired by the Julie & Julia book and Julie Powell's blog) saw Julie and Julia on Wednesday.

Loved the food and an totally inspired to learn to bone a duck. The man actually got really sad though, sad that I couldn't enjoy food like I once did (I think his favorite food scene was Julie making the bruscetta at the beginning of the movie, or perhaps when Julie and Eric ate that chocolate cake!). This, in turn, made me sad! I guess I really started this blog to learn to make food that I can enjoy, that we can both enjoy together, and I've felt pretty satisfied with my food experiences lately. I was pretty discouraged to realize that he has been so affected and saddened by my food choices. Don't get me wrong! He's been extremely supportive of my endeavors, from finding me piles of meat in Argentina to eating several burgers a day and to taking a SF adventure to butchery class, but sometimes nothing can compare to a grilled cheese sandwich, beer, and pint of Haagan Daz peanut butter chocolate ice cream with the one you love. Ah well. I digress. It was, after all, a Nora Ephron movie, so don't expect the food to be seperated from the relationships!

All that to say, big props to Susan Spungen , the food stylist for Julie & Julia. Awesome. Need and intern?

Here are some images from the film to inspire.

French Onion Soup


  1. I've always thought your food photographs are beautiful, so food styling seems right up your alley. I've been feeling very uninspired food-wise lately too. Ironic that it's happening right in the middle of summer when we have the best produce right in our own backyard. Maybe there's something in the air. I was thinking of trying a new recipe every week just to get out of my rut.

    And I totally understand Doug's perspective, as I'm sometimes really bummed that I can't share my love of wine with Greg. His support of my wine obsession is amazing though, given his history with booze. I think it's just natural for those of us who are really close to our significant others to want them to enjoy the things we enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the Greg/Doug advice, it honestly helped me to realize how absorbed I've been in my own food world... I haven't been very sensitive to how that must make Doug feel! Awe.

    And, at least you've been drawing your summer garden treasures! :)