Friday, August 14, 2009

book giveaway submissions and winner!

Here are the finalists for the first annual Lady Butcher book giveaway...

First submission is from the multi-talented spunkster Diana, who wrote me some wonderfully personalized haiku:

bacon, check
hamburger, one, two
on the mic

what is that?
jewels of pretty veg
top my meat

blogging food
eat, blog, eat, doodle
wine cheers too

gluten free
isn't hard to be
fruit and meat

And speaking of guns, here's a video from the tryharder wonder machine.
Tryharder also gave me a mystery bag for inspiration.

Contents of mystery bag:

swiss chard
heirloom tomatoes
bag of mystery spices (coriander, mustard seeds, anise, cloves, bay leaves, red peppers, some other stuff)

with which I made this oddly shiny mystery meal:

Pork steak (I wanted this veal osso bucco I had spotted over the weekend, but settled for pork steaks that the butcher recommended) with pluot and balsamic reduction over swiss chard steamed in white wine and garlic, roasted heirloom tomatoes with olive oil and fresh thyme, and sauteed red skin potatoes with mystery spices.
We also had some strawberries with fresh mint in a little yellow bowl on the side. Unfortunately, the man said he was craving pizza about an hour after said meal. Can't win 'em all. I thought it was lovely though, and I am inspired!

And now for the winner: (drumroll, please)

A meat drawering from Robin of One Sheep Hill. Isn't she a lovely drawer??? I really enjoy that it looks like it was done on butcher paper. Thanks, Robin, for the inspiration and continued meat support!

And did I mention her husband taught me how to shoot a gun?

Please step forward to pick up your prize.

1 comment:

  1. yay! I'm so excited! And in good company - I love the haiku.

    Actually I had a practice version of this drawering in my sketchbook and my teacher loved it, and now that this one has won me a prize I'm encouraged to draw more meat.

    Shootin' range sometime soon?