Monday, August 10, 2009

lady meat-book giveaway!

Guess what? I've decided to do a little contest. Remember this wonderful book that I recommended back in February?

Amazed was I to find this lovely little book! My super-thoughtful man gifted it to me for Valentine's. A neat read, actually. Amidst the cutesy details I found a wealth of meaty goodness, written by ladies but tasty to all!
Anyway, turns out great minds think alike. The folks were in town last week and brought my man an incredibly decadent piece of lemon cake from Sweet Lady Jane, and since I couldn't partake in that sweet treat, they again came across this book and thought of me.
I suppose I could have a kitchen and dining room copy, but I'd rather have a little contest to spread the love.
Here's my thought. Surely not many people are following my little journey, but those who are might have noticed that I've been low on inspiration as of late.
Comment and inspire me.
Write me a haiku, send me a recipe to try, get me an apprenticeship to write about (ha!), and I'll try to be unbiased and pick a winner.
Let's say, by 12pm (West Coast Time!) on Friday.


  1. I drawered you a picture. You can have it if you like it.

    more prepping with guns