Friday, March 6, 2009

tools of the trade.

so, i think i'm in the market for a meat cleaver. i'm not really sure what i would do with one, but feel that it would make me a more legitimate meat cutter, shopper, cooker, and eater.
that, and the sense of danger that accompanies sharp objects excites me.
i guess i should do some research.
i found some lists of product reviews on cooks illustrated and in the new york times, so i think i'll use those as jumping-off points.

the global 6 1/2 inch cleaver comes in highest recommended on several sites. i think i like the look of it--

but the price is a little steep at $144. kind of expensive for a one-trick tool, even if it is the best for cutting through cartilage and bone.

the wüsthof-trident cleaver also receives good reviews and the brand is very reputable.

the price is also more reasonable at around $80.

i'm inclined to recommend the henkels twin signature because it seems to have the best of both worlds-- the trusted quality of the brand and the reasonable price (under $50). i've used henkels knives before and have been very happy with them, but don't have any firsthand experience with the cleavers. how can i get in on one of these trials?

and, if you're looking for a knife that will double as an art piece in terms of both beauty and cost, here's the kershaw shun, allegedly a very versatile knife coming in at around $300.

anyone want to fund a shiny new toy for me? in all seriousness, i think that a good knife is a worthwhile investment, even if you are tight financially. if you get a quality tool and take proper care of it, chances are, it will last your whole life. (and most of the decent brands come with lifetime warranties in case of any problems.) if you are invested in making good, thrifty meat purchases, a cleaver will save you money in the long run because boneless meat is often pricier than its deboned counterparts. and, you can save the bones for those tasty soups you've been meaning to try!

so, save up those bed bath and beyond coupons that clog the mailbox and pick up one!


  1. i have a global chef's knife- very nice feel and great weight...would recommend brand. but i am also the type to like a cheap, serrated crap knife too.

  2. which one do you have? can i play with it sometime?

  3. so i married an axe murderer here you come!

    we don't own a cool meat cleaver but for matt's birthday we just received a new wüsthof knife block set. our 9 year old henkles knife block had dulled down to the point of being a hazard to our little fingers. but our new knives are amazing.