Thursday, March 12, 2009

techie tangent.

first, watch this video from the techie-geek convention TED.
then, think about the food potential in the sixth sense device.
pattie maes from MIT speaks of using this super neat device at the grocery store; but only addresses it in terms of personal care items - specifically paper towels.
why not use it for food?
can it tell us the quality of the meat we're purchasing? it would be super easy to do so with name brand meats (i.e. oscar meyer, jennie-o) and let consumers know tidbits about their products-- simple details like expiration dates and recipe tips. but could it eventually tell us specific nutritional information and facts about how the animal was raised?

so, my question was, when will i be able to go into a steakhouse, scan my steak, and project a picture of the cow for all to see? or go into mcdonalds and scan a mcnugget and project a picture of a....???

apparently, i am a geek. i am inspired.

1 comment:

  1. That would be awesome so when I go to a resturant and order a $17 Kobe burger medium rare I wont get the equivlant of an overdone carls JR $4 burger