Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a little taste of argentina

I happened upon a little question & answer with Jonathan Gold regarding Argentinean food in Los Angeles. Check it out! It includes a few restaurant recommendations, though they don't seem to be very meat-centric. I wonder if the steak they do serve would be as excellent as it was in the Southern Hemisphere... I still can't get over that I managed to get all of my meats "sin salsa, sin aceite-- solo" (pretty much the only Spanish I spoke) in Argentina and I can't find a waiter here who knows what the grilled chicken special is marinated in or what the difference is between mixed greens and leaf lettuce.
I digress.

And speaking of Jonathan Gold, he will be making an appearance this weekend at LA Weekly's LA Weekend in a panel discussion called Carnivore! Will I be there? Heck yeah! Stay tuned. I'm a bit confused because one site says that tickets cost $18, but the official site says some sort of sponsorship has made it free, so here's hoping for free!

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