Sunday, April 19, 2009

first rib feast of the season!

My persistent insomnia sent me to Whole Foods early this morning (did you know that they open at 7am every day?). Whole Foods is usually my happy place but today, there were high and low points. I found out from a butcher-man that my favorite 365-brand turkey bacon is officially discontinued. I am very sad, as that is my main weekday lunch staple. Alas, I did find something quite fun... Buffalo ribs! On sale, even.

I would like to say that we followed the fabulous Alton Brown rib recipe, but again, we were lazy and hungry and opted to boil them for a few minutes and then toss them on our grill pan with some zippy barbeque sauce I whipped up. Pretty good! I'm sure they would have benefited from a bit more effort on our part, but they did the trick for today. The buffalo was pretty tasty -- impressively large ribs and very lean, but I think we'll try pork next. By the end of the summer, we hope to have them perfected.

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