Wednesday, June 10, 2009

burgers+diagrams or "don't mess with my meat!"

I haven't been very up on my Diagram Wednesdays, but here's one that is definitely worth sharing--


So true, so true.

It actually brings up my next point. There has been quite a bit of buzz about the best burgers in LA. Last week, there was an article in the Downtown News as well as a (now expired) circulating coupon for a free burger from Blu Cafe, their pick for best downtown burger. Needless to say, the man and I had to go check it out.

The cafe was pretty swanky and had an exciting menu, as well as reasonably priced beer and wine and an in-house baker who makes lovely cakes. Here's a shot of our lovely free burger--

Looks tasty, huh? Yeah, I heard it was. The only criticism from the man was that the piece of cheese didn't cover the whole (half pound!) meat patty. Unfortunately, the (super friendly) waiter was not very knowledgable about what the burger may contain except that it was "seasoned." If you've read my little backstory or have eaten with me in the past few years, you know that I didn't feel comfortable eating the mystery burger. So all that is to say, I agree with the above diagram. I would much rather make a tasty burger at home. Saves a buck and is worth the effort to feel comfortable and satisfied with my burger!

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